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FIELD OF RESEARCH AND IMPLEMENTATION - Research Institute for Resources and Climate Change


The Institute owns a team of full-time staff, collaborators, and experts inside and outside Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment, who are leading, enthusiastic scientists in the field of natural resources and environment. IRC is doing research on diverse topics at the state, ministerial and grassroots levels.

As an in-depth research unit in the field of natural resources and environment, IRC has been implementing many international cooperation projects on research, training, and science and technology transfer.

In order to achieve one of the important goals of providing services to enterprises, natural resources and environmental agencies, the Research Institute for Resources and Climate Change is always ready to provide consulting services in the following specific areas:

  • Consulting on preparing economic and technical reports in the fields of natural resources and environment; hydrometeorology and water resources; climate assessment and adaptation to climate change.
  • Consulting on renewable energy development policies
  • Consulting on wastewater and solid waste reuse techniques
  • Legal consulting on natural resources and environment
  • Preparing environmental impact assessment report.
  • Preparing plans for environmental improvement and restoration for industrial mines.
  • Consulting on design and construction of environmental protection works.
  • Preparing a report to apply for environmental license for the project.
  • Consulting on monitoring and preparing periodic environmental monitoring reports.
  • Consulting on waste discharge and environmental treatment.
  • Consulting on preparing hazardous waste treatment dossier.
  • Surveying, planning, constructing and preparing mineral exploration reports.
  • Preparing feasibility reports and basic designs for investment projects on the mining industry.
  • Preparing mining design and construction of industrial mines.
  • Measuring the current status of the mines and preparing periodic mineral activity reports.
  • Transferring mineral beneficiation and mineral processing technology.
  • Planning minerals and raw materials for factories.
  • Measuring and surveying topography, cadastral surveying, and construction surveying.
  • Searching, exploring and designing groundwater exploitation.
  • Drilling for geological survey of construction works.